Filipino Martial Arts

The FMA Database is a service maintained and offered by Loki Jörgenson as a contribution to the entire Filipino Martial Arts community. It is structured around the original FMA Instructors and Organizations listings compiled by Mike Seilnacht, and the original FMA Glossary compiled by Bob Reish.

The services and information offered by this site are not guaranteed in any way. Users accept all risks arising from the use of this service.

NOTE:We do not change or delete listings. Only the original submittor or the listed instructor (or recognized representative in the case of Organizations) can change their listings.

If you have problems, have a question, or want to make suggestions,

Send mail to info (at)

This site does not promote any specific style or system of Filipino Martial Arts. Political posturing, stylistic enmity, or personal conflicts will not be tolerated.

  Frequently Asked Questions:
What is the privacy policy of this site? Who has access to the information?
Anyone may access the information made available here. However, to protect the individuals and groups listed here, access to the information is limited to avoid having data extracted in bulk. Further, access to the database is provided only through this service.

Who owns the information in the FMA Database?
The individual entries are the sole property of the submittors and the listed instructors. The FMA Database itself is the invention and property of Loki Jörgenson and maelstrom Martial Arts (previously Mano y Baston Martial Arts).

All rights reserved.

What do I do if there is a listing that I want to change but I don't know or remember the owner name and password?
NOTE: We do not change or delete listings. We provide access to the listings to original submittors and the individuals listed therein. If you do not agree with listed information (other than your own), take it up with the submittor.

If you originally submitted the listing, either through this service or sent it to Mike Seilnacht, you can send e-mail to

info (at)
and request the Owner/Password - please identify yourself and the entry in question fully

Under any other circumstances, please send e-mail to the above address stating your reasons for the change and due consideration will be given the matter.

Instructors named in this database will always be given permission to edit or delete their own entry, regardless of who submitted it.

How accurate is the information?
The information presented here is accepted as-is from contributors without verification or modification. Errors, misinformation, and other problems with the data are not the responsibility of this service or its maintainer. Users accept all associated risks when using the FMA Database.

Who can submit information to the FMA Database?
Anyone. It is assumed that anyone submitting information on the behalf of someone else has previously acquired their permission to do so. All submissions must be have an identified submittor - anonymous submissions are not accepted.

What is the privacy policy of the FMA Database?
The FMA Database is a public serice. Its contents are available to anyone with access. As such, there are no guarantees whatsoever that information made available here will be treated in any specific fashion. That clearly said, the contents of the FMA Database are protected and will not be deliberately shared, sold, or given away for any use other than this look-up service.

If you have any doubts regarding the use of the data provided, please send email to the address specified above.