Sponsors of the
Filipino Martial Arts

This site is maintained by considerable effort and resources. Contributions from sponsoring groups or organizations that help to make it work are gladly accepted.

We would like to thank the following sponsors:

  • Pekiti-Tirsia Global Organization
  • Dog Brothers Inc. Martial Arts
  • Kombat Instruments Ltd.
  • Gelinas Cultural Martial Arts Academy
  • maelstrom Martial Arts

If your group or organization wishes to participate and can make a useful contribution to the FMA database or its operation, please contact us by email

info (at) fmadatabase.com

In general, sponsoring organizations are asked to

i) endorse the FMA Database and enourage their members to list themselves in the FMA Database;
ii) link to the FMA Database from their own site;
iii) ensure the quality and accuracy of their information;
iv) make any other contribution that aids significantly in the operation of the FMA Database.
Your suggestions and feedback are appreciated.